No snails or other wildlife of any kind were harmed during the making of our videos, DVDs or CDs. Soaring Star Productions, LLC supports and encourages the gentle, respectful and kind treatment of all wildlife, animals and insects and asks that you do the same. Real snails, or any form of wildlife, should never be carried, housed, transported or contained within your pockets (or elsewhere) where their natural habitat and health is compromised in any way. Please discuss the respectful treatment of all animals with your children. To learn more about the natural habitat and behavior of snails, please click here.

Soaring Star Productions, LLC, cannot, and will not, be held responsible for any incident arising from the mistreatment of animals, pets or insects of any kind or description. Our product concepts, characters and storylines are entirely fictional, are devised from our in-house creative talent, and in no way represent real-life scenarios which should be copied or imitated at any time or in any situation with real animals or snails. Please do not carry real snails (or any other animal or insect), house real snails (or any other animal or insect), or contain real snails (or any other animal or insect) within your own pockets or within any container or device that does not allow for its optimum health and lifestyle.

Additionally, Soaring Star Productions, LLC, the trademark holder and copyright owner of Pocket Snails and all related Pocket Snails products explicitly disclaims all liability from incidents arising from the imitation, copying, misuse, abuse of, or any other incident arising from the Pocket Snails concepts, storylines, creative fictional ideas or characters.

We encourage you to view the video with your child/children and to discuss the storylines with your child/children. If you have any comments please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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