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Precious Peas, December 2008

"an adorable video and a great visual way to get your child interested in beginning that journey to being diaper free!" Read more.

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy, November 2008

"With funny characters, lots of sing along songs Pocket Snails is sure to provide your little ones with engaging and educational entertainment that will help with their potty training process." Read more.

Frugal Mommy, October 2008

"My daughter and I sat and watched the movie (which we are trying to potty train) she loved it! The video came with a Potty Steps Map which she looked at when they talked about it. And she also got her potty chair out when they talked about it and sat on it while watching the movie! I hope we are on our way to no diapers! :)"

Centsible Mommy, September 2008

"Who wouldn’t enjoy three merry little mollusks on a mission, mapping the course of potty training? I know when the time comes to begin the potty training process, this DVD is going to become an invaluable tool!"
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Sassy Frazz, October 2008

"The DVD has 3 little snails explaining the steps of potty training to Jake's little sister, Wendy. I think this DVD explains things very well to kids. They do a great job encouraging, too! The DVD even includes a Map of the things they talk about. "
Read more., September 2008

"I’d highly recommend this DVD for parents who are about to start the potty training “adventure” with their toddlers."
Read more.

School Library Journal, March 2008

"The bright and simple visuals and the effective use of repetition will engage youngsters... [Potty Adventure] will entertain young viewers as well as familiarize them with the steps related to toilet learning." Read the full review.

Oh! Baby Buy Products, February 2008

"Gordon, Dale, and Buttons are three of the cutest animated snails we have met, (granted they are also the first animated snails we have met). They have proven quite captivating for our little two year old... judging by [his] opinion, they are way awesome. They definitely inspired [him] to ask about the potty... He was not at all interested in toilet paper before the Potty Snails, but now whether he has 'poo-pooed' or not he insists on wiping." Read the full review.

What's Hot for Tots, February 2008

"Through song, color, and humor, the Pocket Snails get kids excited about saying, "Goodbye Diapers" and "Hello Potty"! The DVD evolves by mapping out the road to successful potty training, and is accompanied by a Potty Steps Map, which caregivers can reference with their little "potty-trainer" after the movie has ended. This map is a wonderful way to reinforce the potty training steps, at any time of day. The map may also be brought in to the bathroom, so kids can visually see what they are supposed to do next, such as wash their hands." Read the full review.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, January 2008

"The Pocket Snails are a fun group of friendly, playful pets children will easily relate to. There is no pressure for the viewer to begin potty training, only a story about a little girl who is going to learn and a little boy who already has learned how to use the potty. The original sing-along songs are very upbeat and easy to sing. As a form of encouragement, we will be singing the song "Goodbye Diapers, Goodbye" quite a bit around our home. The program is thorough enough to comment that a grown-up will flush the waste away. It even presents the options of using a soap pump or bar of soap for washing. The extras on the DVD are excellent, especially the hilarious set of 'bloopers...' We thoroughly enjoyed this program and were surprised at how much it helped our son understand the entire process." Read the full review.

Preschool Entertainment, January 2008

"To write that 'Pocket Snails® Potty Adventure' is entertaining for kids may be an understatement. The creators have left nothing to chance. All of which gives an informative and rather adventurous feeling—a matter of fact attitude that is seconded by the older sibling. None of it is a big deal and the mother is supportive and the snails are charming—what more could you want for a potty training video?"

"The snails, in their journey, are humorous and musical—songs that everyone (even parents!) will hum or sing. The musical numbers make potty training seem a lot more fun that it is sometimes portrayed in a narrative DVD about potty training."

"[The older siblings] spent the rest of the morning trying to encourage their 9-month-old sister to “follow the path” to potty training."
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DVD Verdict, January 2008

"The Snails also use the proven method of repetition for communicating these principles. The 30 minutes of the DVD affords plenty of time to repeat the steps of the Potty Map throughout and the final segment is a multiple choice quiz that has been devised to further cement the Map... Feel the Power of the Pocket Snails!"

Just Press Play, December 2007

Reviewer Lex Walker gives Pocket Snails Potty Adventure an overall score of 8.5/10.

"[The Pocket snails] singing and dancing most certainly delivers the proper message for youngins... The DVD comes with a rather impressive array of special features"

Midwest Book Review, December 2007

Established in 1976, the Midwest Book Review publishes several monthly publications for community and academic library systems in California, Wisconsin, and the upper Midwest. Pocket Snails Potty Adventure DVD is reviewed in the December issue.

"Friendly encouragement, emphasis on proper hygiene, and a wealth of extras including sing-along songs, a music player, and a blooper reel make for an invaluable parental and teaching aid.
" Read the full review.

DVD Talk, December 2007

"Highly recommended" says top online DVD review website,

"Very young children will like the snails, enjoy their songs, and have no problems following the steps and learning the whole using-the-potty game."
Read the full review., November 2007

"My little girl is thrilled to have the help of Gordon, Dale and Buttons and the inspiration of Wendy as she works on mastering her potty skills. She absolutely loved the show from the first moment it started and wanted to watch it over and over. When she goes to the potty now, we congratulate her and say, 'Great job. You used the potty just like Wendy!' and she beams with pride and repeats, 'Like Wendy!'”
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Video Business, November 2007

Video Business has served as a leading source of news and data for the home entertainment industry for over 25 years. Mayna Bergmann reviews Pocket Snails Potty Adventure DVD in November 2007.

"It’s hard to make potty training cute, but these animated snails manage to do it... simple shapes, musical numbers and cute snails will certainly appeal to the 2-year-old set. Also, serious repetition, a pull-out “Potty Steps Map” and a slew of extras (including an encouragement scene and a blooper reel) will keep the kiddies entertained." Read the full review., November 2007

"As a Mother who has potty trained 2 children I recommend this for parents who are beginning the potty training phase. It is certainly a fun and upbeat way to introduce your child to the idea of potty training."
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Family Review Center, October 2007

"This is not only an entertaining video, it is a comprehensive potty training program, designed to instruct and motivate young ones to begin using the potty and get out of diapers - both sooner and easier... I truly feel you will find this DVD will help the process go much more smoothly and will help both you and child to relax and "go with the flow" (smile). Your child will also enjoy a fun video!"
Read the full review.

Blog Critics Magazine, October 2007

"The potty that Wendy is to use emits a wonderful glow that promises that it is full of magic, excitement, and just a grand old time.... Gordon, Dale, and Buttons, our Pocket Snails, are amusing and incredibly enthusiastic about venturing into the bathroom... bright and cheerful."
Read the full review.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, October 2007

"Soaring Star cleverly accomplishes the task by having the Pocket Snails set out with a camera and the Potty Steps Map to communicate the complete potty process with pictures and graphics for a visual learning lesson... The hard-shelled heroes for preschoolers assist a child through repetition, original music and lyrics, encouragement and positive reinforcement."
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Mr. Dad Holiday 2008 Seal of Approval
Great Dad Recommended
The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and the GreatDad Recommends program recognize products and services that support their mission: giving men the resources, tools, and information they need to be the fathers they want to be and that their families need them to be. "This DVD, packed with sing-alongs, animation, and stories encourage dad to participate by making the whole thing a lot more fun for everyone."

2007 NAPPA Honors Award
NAPPA-winning products have to meet the most stringent criteria and are judged by nationally recognized industry experts, educators, reviewers and advocates in their fields. Pocket Snails Potty Adventure is a recipient of the 2007 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award. "Potty training is within your preschooler’s reach with this sweet and compelling animated program."

"Endorsed Title" Rating - KIDS FIRST!
KIDS FIRST! evaluates titles in terms of their appeal, content, production quality and developmental benefits. To be endorsed, titles must be approved by child development professionals, teachers, librarians, parents and children. "Cute background music, very upbeat and original. The animated kids and Pocket Snails are engaging and easy for a child to relate to. Respectful of children while discussing a sensitive topic... Well done."

Seal of Approval 2007 - The Toy Man™
Award of Excellence 2007 - The Toy Man™
Editors Choice Award 2007 - The Toy Man™

The Toy Man Product Guide is A ChildSafe International Corp, CSI™, publication produced in association with the International Parenting institute, IPi™. Products are evaluated based upon strict guidelines established by CSI’s specialists in education and behavioral science. Only those products that pass these evaluation guidelines are inducted into the guide. Pocket Snails Potty Adventure received the Seal of Approval as well as two awards from The Toy Man: the Award of Excellence and the even more prestigious eChoice Award.

Potty Adventure was described as "an absolute wonder" when evaluated by parents and preschool teachers. Comments included "a fabulous tool that a mother can appreciate," The children overcame quickly and easily adapted to using a toilet" and that the product "proved its worth."

Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products
Renowned child development expert, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy has named the entire Pocket Snails series a winner of Dr. Toy's prestigious award.

Five Dove Rating - The Dove Foundation

The Dove Foundation Review Board awards the Dove seal to audio and video titles approved for family viewing. Dove Foundation reviewer Donna Rolfe awarded Pocket Snails Potty Adventure DVD a 5 out of 5 Dove rating, and stated: "This DVD shows all the steps to the potty and what toddlers should do after they finish. It is easy for them to understand plus [it has] a helpful map to lead the way. This is simply a delightful training tool..."

Preferred Choice Award - Creative Child Magazine

Pocket Snails Potty Adventure DVD was honored with Creative Child Magazine's 2008 “Preferred Choice Award” in the Educational DVDs for Toddlers category. The Creative Child Award Program honors toys, games and videos that are recognized for their excellence in promoting creativity in play, and is designed to provide parents with gift ideas for the holiday season and beyond.


Find out what people are saying about Pocket Snails Potty Adventure:

Parent / Teacher feedback:

"This product was very well put together and the terminology was good for very young children. It caught the attention of both of my children, ages 5 and 2."

"This is often a trying time for both parents and children, and this video aided in helping my daughter learn how to properly use the potty!"

"The images and characters caught the children's interest immediately."

"Interesting and motivating, very creative"

"My daughter is learning to use the potty now, and this DVD reinforced the concepts that we are already teaching her."

"I would recommend this product to parents of children ages 2-4 that are potty training. It is very clear and helpful in teaching children about using the potty.

"This is both educational and informative for young children who are potty training."

"Absolutely [recommended]! This was a great way to reinforce potty skills in my daughter."

"My son was potty trained within a week from watching it."

"He loved this video, sang the songs all the time, and in just a few short days, he was trained. Highly recommend"

"I have checked out every potty video our library has (I think about 12 or 13) and this is the best one I have seen so far."

"Out of all the potty training dvds that I have bought and I believe I've bought at least ten from Amazon, this is the first one that my two and a half year old asked to be shown again four times in a row. "

"Potty training that actually worked for my daughter, thank goodness."

"The steps are simple, easy to follow. The music is catchy but not annoying. I think it is a great tool for getting kids interested in using the potty"

"This video is a great step for beginners because it identifies everything during the potty-training process and offers encouragement and explains that it will take time to learn."

"The snails are cute, the songs really cute and it clearly has been a hit with my grandchild."



If you would like to tell us about your children's experience with the Pocket Snails we would love to hear from you!

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