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Parenting, April 2005

Parenting is the nation's leading magazine for moms. Well respected reviewer Bruce Kluger selected Pocket Snails Letter Adventure as a Parenting Pick in the April 2005 issue.

"Synchronizing their lesson plan to bopping original music, a trio of snails teaches a youngster about the alphabet in a clever approach to preschool literacy. Smart and funny, it's a cut above your typical ABC's primer."

Arizona Parenting, April 2005

Arizona Parenting magazine has been a trusted local resource for Valley families for over 15 years. Editor Lynda Exley selected Pocket Snails as an Editor's Pick in the April 2005 issue, stating, "in a perfect world, the multi award-winning Pocket Snails Letter Adventure DVD would be every child's introduction to the alphabet."

"Viewers join Jake's three friendly snails on a magical adventure to the land of letters. Although Pocket Snails' tunes are lively and catchy, and its colorful visuals hold children's attention, the uncluttered graphics and simplicity of the film won't distract children from the film's main fare - the alphabet. In addition to the DVD & VHS, Soaring Star Productions offers a companion CD, Pocket Snails Adventure & Other Snaily Songs."

Chicago Parent, March 2005

Chicago Parent magazine has been serving the Chicago area for twenty years. Reviewer Sylvia M. Ewing describes Pocket Snails Letter Adventure as
"a hidden gem; a quality video you don't want to miss."

"Pocket Snails is not frenetic, but a slow and steady story that also helps kids learn the alphabet. It’s just what you’d want for toddlers and preschool children. Pocket Snails has won a number of awards from Dr. Toy, the Dove Foundation and others, and I think they’re well deserved... Really useful for reinforcing alphabet recognition skills as young ones prepare to read... It is very much a tool for learning the alphabet."

Waukegan, IL News Sun, April 2005

"This colorfully animated DVD is filled with wonderful music and songs. It teaches the upper and lower case letters and provides a lot of parental guidance on how to use the DVD to achieve the most successful and rewarding learning experience.

The wonderful extras feature a "Begins With" game and four variations of "Letter Pics" game, two of which include identifying jumbled upper and lower case letters. There is also a cute bio of the three snails and an option to play the music from the DVD. The simplicity of this DVD and its repetitive method of presentation will help young children focus on the learning process."

Family Review Center, December 2005

"A fun video, children ages 2-5 are sure to enjoy. The music is great, perfect for the suggested age level of the video. And, to make a great set, [Soaring Star] offer a CD with the songs and music your child can listen to at any time, even when they cannot watch the video.

The video uses a lot of letter repetition and review, which instills the lessons learned. It moves slow enough to really teach, but fast enough to hold their attention. The colors are vivid and the characters are delightful."

BC Parent, March 2005

BC Parent magazine is the oldest and most popular source for parenting news and information in the Lower Mainland. Pocket Snails Letter Adventure is reviewed in the 2005 Camp Issue.

"Young children will delight in learning the alphabet with these charming little snails. The pocket snails live in Jake's pocket, a little boy who needs to learn the alphabet. With mission in hand, the pocket snails head off to Letter Land where adventure ensues and they return to teach Jake the alphabet. Much repetition, catchy songs and colourful animation will aid in learning and keep young children engaged. DVD has numerous extra features.", February 2006

"I highly recommend this video for home daycares, pre-schools, and homeschooling parents. It’s just what children need to help them remember the different letters of the alphabet." Read the full review.

Booklist, February 2005

American Library Association's Booklist magazine is a popular choice with librarians for reviews of the latest books and electronic media. Reviewer Brian Wilson says Pocket Snails Letter Adventure "teaches letter recognition in an engaging fashion."

"The vibrant, uncluttered computer animation pleases the eye, and repetition reinforces the lessons. Upbeat electronic pop music plays throughout. One wonderful interactive segment invites viewers to sing the 'Alphabet Song' with the snails.. The DVD offers many extras, including audio of Pocket Snails songs and amusing biographical information about the characters."

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Reviewer Lisa Barthuly of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for homeschoolers describes Pocket Snails Letter Adventure as "an excellent, fun tool for children to learn and reinforce their learning of their ABC's! This is a definite winner."

"Meet Jake, a young boy, who has some very special friends (Gordon, Dale and Buttons). The Pocket Snails live in Jake's pocket, and share all kinds of alphabet adventures together! This very cute, very educational DVD is for our youngest children, ages 2 to 5. I think this is a fun introduction to the alphabet that includes music, and sing-alongs, while reinforcing basic concepts through their cute characters and fun storylines. The introduction of the letters in colorful animation, through song and in repetition is great to seal that information into the child’s memory. My four year old thought this DVD was great fun!"

The Washington Times, June 2005

The Washington Times describes Pocket Snails Letter Adventure as "a great movie to help children learn their ABCs. It is colorful with catchy songs and a great way for young children to learn the alphabet."

School Library Journal, July 2004

School Library Journal magazine serves librarians who work with young people in schools and public libraries across America. The magazine give librarians indispensable information needed to integrate libraries into the school curriculum, become leaders in areas such as reading and information literacy, and create high-quality collections for children and young adults. Pocket Snails Letter Adventure is reviewed in the July edition.

"Friendly cartoon snails present entertaining stories to help reinforce alphabet recognition. Simple yet stimulating visuals are combined with upbeat music to create a fun learning experience for youngsters ages two to five. Repetition and the engaging mix of visual images attract and keep the attention of young children as the Pocket Snails help their friend Jake learn the letters of the alphabet. The animation is smooth and engaging, with bright and vibrant colors. The storyline is funny and appealing, and the repetition is effective."

TDMonthly, June 2004

TDMonthly Magazine is a comprehensive monthly resource to the toy, hobby, game and gift industry. Pocket Snails features in Susan Maddela's "Who Says Learning Can't Be Fun?" article in the June issue of TDMonthly.

All Movie Guide, April 2004

All Movie Guide provides a database of extensive factual and descriptive data, and original editorial content for over 235,000 films, videotapes, and DVD titles.
"This program is the first installment of the award-winning Pocket Snails children's educational series for preschoolers. Designed to aid in developmental growth, it helps young children learn the letters of the alphabet through use of repetition, upbeat music, and simple, stimulating visuals. Friendly cartoon snails present amusing stories that help reinforce the lessons presented, creating a learning environment that kids love. The program has won a number of awards, including the Film Advisory Board's Award of Excellence, Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence, a KIDS FIRST! Endorsement, and a Telly Awards nomination. ~ Sarah Block, All Movie Guide", February 2004 - Grade 'A' Rating is an independent website offering impartial and objective reviews of "edutainment" products for children. In their review, EdutainingKids said, "alphabet recognition is the focus in this fascinating video offering for preschoolers. Pocket Snails Letter Adventure takes children on an animated adventure with a little boy’s pocket friends—colorful snails that roll across the television screen, encountering letters of the alphabet... [The] uncomplicated approach makes Pocket Snails Letter Adventure highly appropriate for reinforcing alphabet recognition for children approximately 2-4 years. Recommended!

Playthings Magazine, January 2004

Playthings is the leading U.S. trade magazine covering the children's toy industry. Pamela Brill, Managing Editor, commented, "as the saying goes, good things come in small packages and in this case, the 'packages' are snails. A trio of little escargots play starring roles in Pocket Snails Letter Adventure from Soaring Star Productions. Gordon, Dale and Buttons, who reside in their young friend Jake's pocket, set out to teach him the ABCs. This title offers a nice balance of music and visuals that foster an engaging learning experience for 2 to 5-year-olds."


Great Product Award 2005 - Family Review Center

Family Review Center is a recognized leader in the area of product reviews. At the end of the year, the Review Center's panel of judges selected Pocket Snails Letter Adventure as one of their favorite picks of 2005, and honored it with a Great Product Award.

Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products for 2004
Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2004
Each year, renowned child development expert, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy, publishes the Dr. Toy Guide to assist parents in selecting gifts this holiday season and into the new year. The guide features the best current products for children. It includes only products that meet Dr. Toy's high standards for safety, design, durability, diversity, price, social responsibility, uniqueness and other features. Pocket Snails Letter Adventure not only features in the 100 Best of 2004, but also won a place in the 10 Best Educational Products for 2004.

Dr. Toy's Smart Play / Smart Toy Product of Excellence Award
Noted child development authority, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Toy) developed the Smart Play/Smart Toy Product Awards Program 2004 as a service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educational oriented and stimulating toys and products for children. Products chosen by Dr. Toy have to meet the highest standards, and offer the child that something 'extra' for optimal learning, play and fun. We are especially excited to note that Pocket Snails Letter Adventure is the only award winner in the video/DVD category in this year's program." Dr. Toy concurred by adding, "We are pleased to recognize your fine product in this category as a prime example."

2004 Best Children's Vacation Products Award - Dr. Toy
Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy, a child development expert and a trusted source for parents on toys that are fun, developmentally appropriate and promote active, creative and educational skills, has selected Pocket Snails Letter Adventure as a Best Children's Vacation Product for 2004. In reviewing the video, Dr. Toy commented, "This is an outstanding video that will help teach your child the letters of the alphabet. This adventure combines humor with music and uncomplicated visuals to help children learn about letters. Your little one will delight as they develop language and gain confidence. This is a wonderful product for the whole family to enjoy and is good at any time of the year."

Hottest Products for 2004 - iParenting Media Awards

The iParenting Media’s Award Program provides a credible and objective method of determining the best products in the children’s media and juvenile products industry, and recognizes those products with its awards. Each product must pass through a thorough evaluation process at three outside review sites: a licensed childcare facility/school, a product expert and a parent. Three separate evaluations by qualified reviewers, along with a final review by the iParenting Media Awards Executive Committee, ensure an objective and credible process. We are delighted that iParenting Media has honored Pocket Snails Letter Adventure in the Hottest Products for 2004 Awards.

Finalist - 25th Annual Telly Awards
Pocket Snails Letter Adventure was selected by the judges as a finalist in the 25th Annual Telly Awards. The widely known and highly respected annual competition receives over 10,000 entries from the finest video and film production companies, TV stations, cable companies, ad agencies and corporations from all 50 states and five continents. It is a tremendous achievement to have Pocket Snails Letter Adventure "recognized for excellence" by the Telly Awards.

"All-Star" Rating - KIDS FIRST!
KIDS FIRST! evaluates titles in terms of their appeal, content, production quality and developmental benefits. To be endorsed, titles must be approved by child development professionals, teachers, librarians, parents and children.
In reviewing Pocket Snails Letter Adventure, KIDS FIRST! offered, "If you enjoy the Teletubbies, you'll enjoy this... very colorful, cute and cheerful."

Seal of Excellence Award - Creative Child Magazine
Creative Child Magazine is a national publication specializing in nurturing children's creativity and imagination. The Seal of Excellence award is reserved for "toys that are recognized for their excellence in promoting creativity in play." Pocket Snails Letter Adventure appeared in the Winter 2003-04 issue of Creative Child.

Five Dove Rating - The Dove Foundation

The Dove Foundation Review Board awards the Dove seal to video titles approved for family viewing. Dove Foundation reviewer Jude Mate' commented: "The snails are a lot of fun to watch, as they prance from letter to letter of the alphabet. The repetition is effective and not boring, as the child watches groups of letters. This video will definitely achieve its purpose: to teach children ages 2-5 the alphabet."

Award of Excellence - The Film Advisory Board

We are delighted that The Film Advisory Board has voted its prestigious Award of Excellence for "quality children's entertainment and educational products" to Pocket Snails Letter Adventure. In making the announcement of the award, Film Advisory Board President Elayne Blythe remarked, "repetition is key in educating children and this 35-minute video has it down, along with colorful images and upbeat, child-friendly music young children will enjoy. A cute way to teach your children their ABC's."


Find out what people are saying about Pocket Snails Letter Adventure:

Parent / Teacher feedback:

"I loved putting my child in front of this DVD; they are learning their ABC's without even knowing it. My little boy was running around the house singing his alphabet after seeing this DVD a few times. I could not believe it, and he could not understand how it was soooo easy to learn his ABC's."

"My kids love to sing along and interact with the television. They had no idea learning their ABC's could be so interesting and fun.

"After I turned it off they kept humming and singing their alphabet. This is very motivating for me because this means they are learning it!"

"It really helped my kids learn their alphabet. I love it when my kids go around singing the alphabet and then come to me and say see 'I Can Do It'"

"I cannot think of a thing to improve [this DVD]."

"It really made my kids learn their ABC's. I also liked how it got them singing along, this is great for the imagination.

iParenting Media Awards' Reviewers:

"I believe the most positive characteristic of this movie was that it was enjoyable to listen to, and learn from. The characters voices were appealing and fun."

"It's a pretty straight forward early educational format. That's always nice and we really enjoyed watching it. A great product for kids and adults."

"The most positive characteristic of this product is the overall concept ... to have these characters called pocket snails have an adventure that teaches the ABCs. It was cute and upbeat and my 7 year old daughter said she liked the music. My 4 year old enjoyed it too."

Ms. K.J.,Mrs. T.H, CA, mother of 2 year old:

"I wanted to tell you that my son LOVES "Pocket Snails."  He requests it frequently, AND has begun learning his letters!  We have been working on counting, colors, and shapes mostly, and not doing much with letters yet, but after watching the video 2 or 3 times, he brought me the video today, pointed at the "C" and said "C."  Then (with the cover tilted so I am not sure where he was pointing, but I think at the correct letters) he said "B-C"... I plan to tell the moms at the homeschooling park day tomorrow."

Ms. K.J., CA, First Grade Teacher:

"Let me start by saying that your DVD is FABULOUS!  I absolutely loved it!  I showed the upper case portion to my students today, and they were laughing hysterically throughout the video!  They were singing the songs; especially the ABC songs at the end.  When I turned the DVD off, they were still singing the songs!  They were all picking out their favorite snails and everything.  I can't wait to share it with my friends!"

Mrs. L.F., NC, mother of 4 year old, told us about their experience with the Pocket Snails Letter Adventure video:

"My daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!  She was totally glued to it the first time she saw it, and after the first grouping (Capital letters, I think...) she came running in and said "can I watch it again, Mommy?".  Then I told her there was more, so she was so excited.  THEN she watched it again and again.  It's perfect, because she's learning to write now in school, so it helps her to really memorize her letters, and she really takes to the snail theme!  Thank you so much."

Cara, WA, mother of two:

"My daughter LOVES the Pocket Snails! She loves the characters (particularly Buttons) and enjoys singing the songs which are catchy but not annoyingly so.  Definately a great slant on learning the alphabet, a little different from the "A is for Apple" approach but very effective.  I will definatley use this video with my baby when he's old enough.  Looking forward to the next installment of 'Pocket Snails!'"

Mrs. S.C., CA, mother of 4 and 1 year old:

"Both my 4 year old and 1 year old love this video!  My 4 year old goes around the house singing the Pocket Snails song and sings along with the ABC's on the video. The adorable characters definitely capture their attention and help them recognize the letters of the alphabet.  Simple, sweet and educational.  I will certainly be recommending this video to my friends with toddlers and preschoolers!"

Mr. G.M., CA, father of 2 year old:

"My daughter loved the pocket snails!!  She watched the video at least three times over the week-end. I'll keep you posted on how quickly she starts saying the ABC's.


Mrs. S.A., CA, mother of two boys, told us about their experience with the Pocket Snails:

"Very very very very good!
My 4 year old's favorite parts:
- the rainbow
- the ABC song with the firework popping letters

My 2 year old's favorites:
- the wiggling, 2 left 2 right, he's copied it right away (sitting there with straight legs and wiggling away)
- the music, he's hooked.
- the letters (he's screaming "TA" when there's another letter coming up). The amazing thing was that my sons were interacting with the video right away. Usually it takes a 2nd or 3rd viewing for them to warm up.

Here are my favorites of the video:
- the Pocketsnails: they're sooo cute!
- the wiggling left and right when the music's on (2 left, 2 right)
- the music, I already hum the song like it's an old-time favorite

Are y
ou working on vol. 2 already? I'm definitely going to buy it."

If you would like to tell us about your children's experience with the Pocket Snails we would love to hear from you! We will always request your permission to reproduce your comments on our testimonials page.

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