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Parenting, May 2006

Parenting is the nation's leading magazine for moms. Well respected reviewer Bruce Kluger selected Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure as a Parenting Pick in the May 2006 issue. Full, unedited review:

"In their latest adventure, Jake’s pocket-dwelling mollusks journey to Phonic Island, where they identify (and spell out!) a wave of water words, including “motorboat,” “anchor” and “lobster.” Original tunes lend lilt to the lesson (especially the clever “We Love the Vowels”), and interactive exercises keep viewers on their tiny toes."

Midwest Book Review, February 2006

Established in 1976, the Midwest Book Review publishes several monthly publications for community and academic library systems in California, Wisconsin, and the upper Midwest. Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure DVD is reviewed in the Febrary issue.

"Enthusiastically recommended for parents and teachers working to introduce the alphabet to preschoolers and kindergarten students, Pocket Snails: Aquaphonic Adventure is an animated adventure in which three clever mollusks work as a team to help their friend Jake (whose pocket they live in) learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Using distinctive and engaging mixes of vibrant colors, original upbeat music, and lively animation, young viewers ages 3 through 5 will enjoy learning the alphabet right along with Jake and his pocket snail buddies. Pocket Snails: Aquaphonic Adventure is also available in a VHS format ($12.95), but the DVD edition also includes interactive "Phonic Pics" Activity to challenge young viewers on what they've learned; a Bonus Scene helping to reinforce the vowel sounds; a Music Player (which includes the Pocket Snails Theme and other fun songs from the 25 minute program); "Meet the Snails" (fun facts about each snail including special features of each snail, their favorite foods, favorite colors, and favorite phrases); useful information about Soaring Stars Productions and a Pocket Snails catalog of other titles in this outstanding series such as the "Pocket Snails & Other Snaily Songs" music CD.

Family Review Center, June 2006

"Children will quickly learn letter recognition, letter sounds and vowels in this fun new video. The music is upbeat and a lot of fun to enjoy as you watch the movie, and will reinforce the learning fun as well. As in their first adventure, the animation in this video is marvelous. A truly professional quality video. The bright colors capture a young viewer's attention and the characters will hold that attention span throughout the entire movie, because they are so much fun to watch." Read the full review., February 2006

"Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure is a fun-filled DVD which encourages alphabet and phonic learning skills in toddlers and preschool kids. This kid's DVD is colorful, upbeat, playful and educational." Read the full review., February, 2006

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer and Editor-in-Chief for The Dabbling -- A national parenting publication for BUSY parents. Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure is reviewed in the 'Toddlers' section of The Dabbling Mum.

"I highly recommend this video for home daycares, pre-schools, and homeschooling parents. It’s just what children need to help them improve their reading skills as it helps children learn to recognize letters, practice the sounds of each letter, and improves word recognition."
Read the full review.

Video Business, February, 2006

Video Business has served as a leading source of news and data for the home entertainment industry for the past 25 years. Pamela Brill reviews Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure DVD in February 2006.

"The animation is bright and cheery, featuring smiling snails, simple shots and vocabulary words, so as not to distract from the lesson at hand. Such charming moments as the snails traversing the waters aboard their aptly named boat "Escargot Explorer" make this a journey worth taking."
Read the full review.

Times Record News, February, 2006

"Learning can be slow-going unless it's from Pocket Snails...
Pocket Snails: Aquaphonic Adventure" follows snail pals Gordon, Dale and Buttons on a trip to Phonic Island as they help their friend Jake, whose pocket they live in, learn the sounds of the alphabet. Incorporating original and upbeat music with a fun storyline and likeable characters, and narration with a soothing British accent, children will have a great time learning how each letter sounds and how it is used in everyday life"

The Tennessean, March, 2006

"Snails Speed Learning...
When it comes to teaching your child his vowels, you might as well let Gordon, Dale and Buttons help. They're part of the fun of Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure, which also focuses on letter sounds and letter recognition. The interactive DVD, aimed at kids 3 and up, is the second in the award-winning series."

Deseret Morning News, March, 2006

"The animated mollusk trio is back to help Jake learn the sounds of the alphabet, with colorful images and upbeat music. For ages 3 and up."


Learning® Magazine 2007 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family
Judged by teachers who are also parents, the highly regarded Teachers' Choice award program evaluates products on their educational value, originality and creativity, high interest and motivational value for children. Teachers who evaluated Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure commented, "I liked it so much that I brought it to school to share with the kindergarten teachers," "I would recommend this to parents for preschool, kindergarten, and early first grade students. It is an engaging introduction to the letter sounds for the alphabet."

Dr. Toy's 10 Best Audio/Video Products for 2006
Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2006
Each year, renowned child development expert, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy, publishes the Dr. Toy Guide to assist parents in selecting gifts this holiday season and into the new year. The guide features the best current products for children. It includes only products that meet Dr. Toy's high standards for safety, design, durability, diversity, price, social responsibility, uniqueness and other features. Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure not only features in the 100 Best of 2006, but also won a place in the 10 Best Audio/Video Products for 2006.

Dr. Toy's Smart Play / Smart Toy Product of Excellence Award
Noted child development authority, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Toy) developed the Smart Play/Smart Toy Product Awards Program 2006 as a service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educational oriented and stimulating toys and products for children. Products chosen by Dr. Toy have to meet the highest standards, and offer the child that something 'extra' for optimal learning, play and fun. In reviewing Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure, Dr. Toy commented, "This is the second video in an outstanding video series that will help teach your little one the sounds and letters of the alphabet. Colorful images, gentle music and creative repetition help facilitate an enjoyable learning experience. Your little one will delight as they develop language and gain confidence. This is a wonderful product for the whole family to enjoy."

"Endorsed Title" Rating - KIDS FIRST!
KIDS FIRST! evaluates titles in terms of their appeal, content, production quality and developmental benefits. To be endorsed, titles must be approved by child development professionals, teachers, librarians, parents and children. KIDS FIRST! described Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure as "Enjoyable, bright colors, and catchy music."

Five Dove Rating - The Dove Foundation

The Dove Foundation Review Board awards the Dove seal to audio and video titles approved for family viewing. Dove Foundation reviewer Donna Rolfe awarded Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure DVD a 5 out of 5 Dove rating, and stated: "This colorful musical adventure teaches phonics along with the recognition of letters...[a] fantastic learning tool for children."

Approved by Parents' Choice - Parents' Choice Foundation

The Parents' Choice Awards Committees, comprised of moms, dads, teachers, performing artists, librarians, and children themselves, search out and recommend products that help kids grow - imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally - fairly priced products that are fun, safe and socially sound. Children's media that helps children. Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure was selected as a Spring 2006 Parents' Choice Award Winner.

Preferred Choice Award - Creative Child Magazine

Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure DVD was honored with Creative Child Magazine's 2006 “Preferred Choice Award” in the Educational DVDs for Early Education category. The Creative Child Award Program honors toys, games and videos that are recognized for their excellence in promoting creativity in play, and is designed to provide parents with gift ideas for the holiday season and beyond.

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